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Human talents are the primary corporate resources in the scientific developing process. They play a key role in achieving “Twelfth Five-Year” strategic objectives and building up an international operational platform. Sinopharm International greatly emphasizes on training of talents and construction of teams. It has firmly carried out a corporate strategy of "Talents strengthen enterprise" while adhering to "people-oriented" management concept. In pursuit of fostering an internationalized managerial team and professional staff, Sinopharm International has strengthened the training management and constantly innovated the training mechanism in order to set up a scinentific and systematic training platform for its staff to grow up with the company.


1, Principles of training


1.1  Focus on practice of the operational management; improvement of staff's organizing abilities,foresighted and systematic skills for their future development.


1.2  Diversify intelligence investment on in-service training and amateur self-study.


2, Contents of training


On the basis of vocational ranks set forth as per staff competence and qualification, Sinopharm International determines the training contents by job responsibilities and annual tasks including compulsory knowledge, basic competence and professional skills. Through organic combination of various trainings, it it helps staff improve their strategy execution and adaptation to all sorts of complicated dynamic operational circumstances.


3, Ways of training


Sinopharm International adopts a hierarchical, multi-platform and systematical training mode. The annual trainings are mainly conducted through internal seminar, communication and on-line school along with some other alternatives such as public courses, reading activity, industrial exhibition, forum exchange, in-service education and some special training courses of superior group departments.


4, Implementation of training


The annual training plan is drawn up and implemented as per " the Staff Training Regulations of Sinopharm International " 


5, Annual requirement of training scores


Required scores: Level 1: 6 points;  level 2: 8 points; Level 3: 12 points ; Level 4 and above: 15 points.  

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